Order related

You’d have to follow simple steps for placing your order on our website.

Step 1: Select the product that you are willing to buy.
Step 2: Select the size.
Step 3: Click on CHECK OUT.
Step 4: Select from the multiple modes of payment.
Step 5: Note your order number

If you still find it difficult, simply contact us for quick assistance.

For every successfully placed order, Garmium.com’s system sends you an email and an SMS on the phone number and email-id entered by you while placing the order.

Because as per Indian Tax Regulations, all the items including gifts are meant to be shipped with an invoice mentioning the price!
But you know what?
Its fine!
Everyone is now known to the idea that price is not something that matters to be seen in a gift, it’s the feelings.

a) In case if you are a registered customer with Garmium.com, you can always login into your account and check the status of your successfully placed order. 
b) In case if you are a not registered with Garmium.com, simply click on the link and you will be able to see the order history. 
Easy-peasy mate! 

Garmium.com does not have an open delivery facility at this point in time.
But, in case the product you’ve received is not something you wished to receive, you can raise a return request through the link and check out our straightforward return/exchange policy.

It’s simple!
Either you can do it by your Garmium account page until the order we have shipped it out by going to the order history page and cancelling the order. Or, if the order is already shipped out, please write to us via the contact us page and we will initiate the cancellation process for you.

You need to follow a two step procedure for this as simple as eating a piece of cake:
Cancel your order, the procedure of which is mentioned in the question above this one.
Place a fresh order with the required products. 
But unlike eating a piece of cake, this one’s does not load your body with unwanted sugar! 

We follow discreet packaging rules under which we do not mention product details on the package. However, the invoice that’s mailed to you at the time of order placement has these details.

Yes! In case the order is not yet shipped from our end; contact us to get it changed.
No! If the order is already shipped out, we will not be able to make any changes.

General queries

Sure! We are always available between a 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at +918409999998. Call us and we will telephonically assist you to choose from the varied range of tees/night wears the best fit for you. You’d be guided by one of our product specialists.
So, nothing to worry at all, yeah?

Ah! That’s simple! You can do it in two ways.
Just rotate your eyes a little bit to find out Create Account / Register. It’s at the top right corner of the home page. Obviously, click on it, enter your details, click on Create Account and that’s it!
You're done.

Bingo! Click "Forgot Password" on the login page and enter your registered email id. Garmium.com’s system will send a link on it to help you reset your password.

Sure! Our product specialists are always available between a 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at +918409999998 to guide you finding out the best fit for the one you wish to buy it.

Pre-pay us to unleash a straight 5% on your order.

Delivery related

Our delivery time depends on the six numeric pin code that you’ve entered in your shipping details. To know more, simply enter your pin code on the product page, below ‘ADD TO CART’ button.

Garmium.com ships all your orders within 24-48 hours from the time you place it. Once it is shipped, it sends you an email with the tracking number and the courier details, after which you can track your order from this link.

This error occurs sometime, don’t worry!

It may take up to 24 hours for your order status to be updated on our courier partner's website! In case if you are unable to track your shipment even after those 24 hours, do contact us and we will track your order together. 

Sure, mate. Once your order is placed, please contact us and we will try to deliver the order on your preferred date, but there is just one request please select some other day than the weekends and public holidays, please?

In case you are not too late and your order is not already shipped we will not only be able, but also happy to edit the contact details for the order.

Payment related

We apologize for this inconvenience caused to you. You don’t need to worry about this as it is a temporary issue. Please try again after a few minutes and it’ll be sorted.

This could be one the challenges because of the transaction time out. No need to distress, if the order is not successfully placed in Garmium.com’s system, it will automatically return the amount to your bank within 7 working days.

Of course it is.
Please contact us and we will provide you with the bank details to which the amount could be deposited.
Once you are done with that, we will process your order and have the same ship out as a pre-paid order.
The other way to do it is, cancel the order and place a new prepaid order.

Returns/Exchange related

It’s at the least as simple as other online e-commerce websites or even more hassle-free than them.
Return/exchange a Garmium product within 15 days.
Concerning to the matters of size, an exchange is available.  
Garmium’s delivery agent will deliver the new item and at the same time pick up the original item from you. 
Obviously, in the interests of hygiene, Garmium might refuse returns for products that are either worn, washed, or soiled. 
You can return our product to Garmium in two ways
Either as for a pick up.
Or self-ship to us. 

It’s a little disciplined process almost similar to what we at Garmium do after you place your order.

  • Packing the product with the original brand tags and packaging intact and putting it in its original packaging in a box. 
  • Sealing the box to ensure that the courier partner does not open/ tamper with the contents of the box.
  • Handing it over to the courier and receive the exchanged product.

Please note that, if your Pincode has reverse pickup facility, a courier person will come to your doorstep after the return/exchange process is initiated. In case of Exchange, you’ll have to handover the packed box to the courier person as mentioned in the above step.
However, if the reverse pickup is not available, you will have to self-ship your products to our address mentioned on the website.

Yes, mate. You can. 

Sorry, you will only receive the exact amount paid for the product. 

Of course they are. They will be credited back in case they are applied against the returned item.

Number of days to pick up a product may vary as per your pin code. The product will be picked anywhere between 5-7 days.

It works this way:
Products can be exchanged only for a different size of the same product. So, if you have purchased a male/female tee of some specific size, you can exchange the tee of that size with another one.
But no worries!
‘Cause if you want to exchange for a new product, you can return the product and place a new order. 

Of course mate! It will definitely be applicable.

Sorry, that’s not possible. Once the return/exchange request is initiated, the address can't be changed!

In such cases, Garmium.com’s courier partner will attempt to contact you 3 times, in any of the successful attempts you can let him/her know a convenient time to pick the product up. 

It’s easy!
You can choose to return and then place a new order for a different product on our website. 

If you received a product as a gift from your loved ones and need to exchange it for an alternate size, please follow Garmium.com’s return/exchange policy. In case of a return, please contact us.